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St. Joseph’s Convent School puts together its program of educational program with respect to the conviction that each tyke can be guided to flawlessness to the experience of God inside him and in each component of creation/nature, the outflow of which is love and administration to the mankind. To achieve this magnificent target and reason forever every youngster must be furnished with a physically excellent ,sincerely steady and deliberately organized home like condition to know and feel massive intrinsic ability innovative contemplations and vision. The Josephite family offers such a wonderful and tranquil home. The kid’s day here normally streams among social and individual exercises that mirror the youngster’s requirement for both dynamic and very play. It is accomplished by bestowing learning in social, physical, good, profound and tasteful domains.

The basic development and arrangement of the youthful age, being our objective ,each exertion is made to assist the understudies with growing in an inventive learning propensities and exact articulation. Specific pressure is laid on character arrangement and preparing for self-restraint, obligation, self-awareness and administration. Civility, decorum and great habits are introduced in the student from the earliest starting point of his/her school life. Maintaining the social and otherworldly qualities requirements for a real existence that is socially significant.

Each instructor is exceptionally prepared to make a healthy domain for the physical, enthusiastic, social and profound advancement of every kid. Other than the educators, the job of guardians in the arrangement is inescapable . The entire hearted responsibility of the guardians to the qualities and vision of the organization would help to the fulfillment of the fantasies of each offspring of St. Joseph’s religious circle school


Our prime mission at the St Joseph School, Moga is to give the most elevated standard scholastic training. We will undoubtedly empower our understudies to reach at the apex of their capability to handle the unanticipated difficulties of tomorrow. We help them become joyful, effective, dependable, dynamic, moral, suffering, innovative, and caring people who add to the world imaginatively


The advancement of socially mindful, ethically upstanding, genuinely adjusted, mentally capable, and actually balanced natives of the new thousand years, who will maintain essential human rights and sexual orientation affectability, and be deserving of legacy of our incredible Nation and productive pioneers of future.

Meet Our Team


Sr. Reema S D


Sr. Sheela Thommy

KG Principal

Fr. Sunny Joseph

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